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Ascendence of Exenia is a virtual reality massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game released in 20XX-12 by Prisma. It is the company's first foray into full-immersion virtual reality gaming. While relatively unsuccessful domestically, it found a dedicated fanbase in the United States and in China.

Release History

-20XX-13: Ascendence of Exenia is announced, with Prisma collaborating with TriOptic using their full-immersion VR technology to develop the game.

-20XX-12: In May Exenia is released in Japan to strong reviews but disappointing sales, citing the Japanese population's relative lack of living space with which to make full use of a VR environment. However, the American and Chinese versions released that fall become commercial and critical hits, becoming the best-selling deck-based MMO of all time by 20XX-11. The first and second expansions, Angels' Wings Over Heaven and Depths of Spirits are released concurrently with one another in December.

-20XX-11: Lighttakers is released as the third expansion in May to celebrate the game's first anniversary, instantly becoming an even greater hit and widely lauded as the game's best content yet, with iconic aspects of Exenia's gameplay loop such as the Dragoon class and dynamic corporation economy introduced alongside a complete rework of some of the game's more controversial and less-well-received systems. Prisma announces that world-renowned writer and director Denny Shinohara will be employed as the director of the highly-anticipated followup expansion Call of the Tides, due for release in 20XX-10.

-20XX-10: Call of the Tides is released in January to lukewarm reviews, most detractors bemoaning its perceived over-emphasis on nautical zones that mostly only catered to the newly-introduced Nekaiyo race of player character. The fifth and sixth expansions, Rebirth of Fallen Dreams and Hellbound are released on a seasonal basis.

-20XX-9 to 20XX-5: Due to dwindling sales ever since the lukewarm releases of the 20XX-10 expansion seasons and an increased pressure to appeal to a secondary market, focus shifts over to the Chinese market with most content produced from this period being exclusive to Chinese servers. Due to ICE protocols preventing legal data exchange across Chinese borders, relatively little is known about the specifics of the content and updates given in these frequent content drops, though none seem to have received any "official" expansion pack titles.

-20XX-9 to 20XX-4: With lowering populations all across Exenia servers worldwide and development focus shifting over to Prisma's various other new and improved VRMMOs, Prisma announces the final official Exenia expansion: Fallen Souls. While far from reaching the peaks of its heyday, Fallen Souls is regarded by fans and reviewers alike as a worthy send-off to the once-beloved game, with particular praise going to its final boss battle against Exenia, the fallen angel whose soul the game takes place within.